Red Pandas Soccer Academy

Red Pandas Soccer Club

RPSC is a soccer focused sports facility located in Saratoga, CA with indoor and outdoor state of the art synthetic soccer fields. Whether you are seeking to participate in a league, rent field time to conduct a practice or enroll your son or daughter in RPSC's top-level soccer education programs, RPSC is the location to meet all your soccer needs! RPSC is the Official Youth Development Training Center of the Saratoga Jokers offering free of cost training for our region’s top youth players via Joker's Futures, Joker's Juniors, and Joker's Academy. RPSC is committed to youth development and our soccer-philanthropic business model is designed to support California’s future players. RPSC reinvests 100% of its profits to fund Saratoga's Jokers youth programs, which are offered FREE of COST for all players who participate.


We believe the USA is a future global powerhouse of the game of soccer, and like thousands of youth programs across the country; RPSC is committed to playing our part in developing American soccer. We believe in the rich talent pool of youth players in our greater Saratoga region and want to give our next generation every opportunity to become the best they can be both on and off the field of play. We are fans and passionate supporters of Major League Soccer and the secondary professional leagues in this country because we believe pro soccer is a critical ingredient required for producing a FIFA World Cup Finals champion. We stand for Saratoga's Jokers as they are our hometown team, they represent Saratoga’s voice in the American soccer story, they are our inspiration, and our contribution to the inevitable growth in the American game.


RPSC's coaching curriculum (the "RPSC Method") is based on extensive research in youth development and sports sciences, as well as direct observation of leading professional soccer academies in Europe and South America. At the core of the RPSC Method is the belief that children can be taught to acquire both physical (technical) and mental (attitude or behavioral) skills to help them excel both on and off the field of play. The RPSC Method is embodied in our tag-line line phrase "dream...perform...excel", and has been incorporated into curriculum structure to ensure continuity in coaching delivery by our staff.

RPSC seeks to create a fun and inspirational learning environment where kids are encouraged to discover a love for the game. RPSC's teaching approach emphasizes core values of effort, respect, and pride. These values serve as a guideline for teaching our young participants' how to develop a mindset that will serve them well both on and off the field of play. RPSC emphasizes development of skills and soccer creativity technical skills are the foundation of ALL great players and serve as the building blocks of positive self-esteem